Utterverse Assets Family

The Utterverse ecosystem is powered by a family of digital assets made up of various cryptocurrency tokens and NFT collections (with new ones regularly added)

These digital assets connect the various apps and sub-ecosystems that make up the Utterverse project. They are collectively owned by the project and the community subject to their individual terms.

These assets include some growing NFT Collections and Cryptocurrency Tokens.

This page contains the official links and addresses pertaining to each of these assets.

Before we list them out, kindly note this warning:

Warning Notice

Beware of scams and scammers who impersonate Utterverse handles and staff. Always confirm details from this page, especially regarding when and where the Tokens are listed.

Right now, no token is listed on any exchange and none can be traded yet. Any trading setup you see is possibly a scam. Confirm the token’s contract address with the ones listed on this page. Always confirm with the details on this page.

Official List of Utterverse Digital Assets

Below are the accurate specifications and links for the current assets that are in existence.

NFT Collections

Cryptocurrency Tokens

Minted and Listed

These tokens are minted, live and tradeable on the major Decentralized Exchanges for the blockchain on which they are deployed.

Binance Smart Chain:

Minted, Not Yet Listed

These tokens have been minted on the Blockchain and now exist as real cryptocurrencies. But they cannot yet be traded because they are not yet listed on an exchange. However, they can be transferred from Wallet to Wallet thus may be traded via direct peer-to-peer (P2P) methods.

Polygon Blockchain:

  • PolyNebula ($PNEB) (0xe84cB4FF90fF26dE15d668c60aBb62C330fBf841)

  • PolyVIGIL ($PolyV) (0xDc36531d0fA25859eF835Bdc7d33d2be3F10f657)

  • Rosette ($RSET) (0x3a08cbf8317AaBb44413A1860cC30b221F8fDCeF)

Pre-Mined (Not Yet Minted, Not Yet Listed)

“Pre-mined” tokens have not yet been minted onto the blockchain. They are only in existence and can only be earned and spent on certain specific platforms of the ecosystem but cannot be withdrawn or transferred. In the future, these pre-mined tokens will be minted onto the Blockchain at which point the amounts earned on the various platforms can be withdrawn.

pNT, pDE, pRV, pMIN, pTT, pNA, pGV, pJAG

Note: The currency symbols above are temporary. The real names and symbols of the tokens will be revealed when they are launched. This page will be updated with the correct contract addresses when they are listed. This strategy is meant to eliminate cases of fraud and scam tokens. So if you see any crypto listed with the above names claiming to be Utterverse cryptos, you can be sure that they are not the real ones.


The UTTERVERSE applications ecosystem is gradually being built from the ground up from scratch.

At this time, it is still in its infancy and is comprised of two dApps in Alpha on testnet (with many more dApps in the pipeline).

These dApps are:



Check them out to start earning pre-mined tokens which you can withdraw on mainnet launch.